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In the Midst of the City makes an elegant, profound connection between religion and politics. Thompson argues that Christian faith and politics are inseparable, and though the Gospel is inherently political, it is not partisan. To embody God’s politics, we must first steep ourselves in God’s vision for the world embodied in the Gospels, and only then can we act politically. This collection of essays and sermons addresses hot-button social issues of recent years by putting this principle into practice, challenging the reader to live God’s politics and to be the vanguard of God’s kingdom in the world.

In the Midst of the City: The Gospel and God’s Politics won a gold medal in the 2019 Illumination Awards.

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Elements of Grace explores the journey of Christian faith by invoking the basic and essential elements through which we encounter the grace of God: Earth, Water, Spirit, Light, Darkness, Discipleship, and Word. By artfully combining the story of Scripture and the stories of everyday life, Thompson offers a series of profound meditations that together illuminate the heart of the Gospel. Readers will find themselves both comforted and challenged at the way this collection brings a new understanding to the depth of Christian discipleship.

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