ANZAC Day Address, by The Honorable Linnet Deily, Former United States Ambassador to the World Trade Organization

“Glorious day,” read the opening to many entries in my great-grandfather’s journal documenting the harsh life on the Texas frontier. “Glorious day,” as he wrote about carving out a farm, a living and a legacy, from difficult terrain, not unlike that of Australia. “Glorious day,” became for me, a sign of an unusual quality in extraordinary individuals able to stare down the toughest life has to offer and celebrate it.

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Without Love, All Is Lost

On Monday I wrote a sermon.  I drafted it, let it sit overnight, worked on it some more, and then had Jill read it.  She gave it the clergy spouse seal of approval, so I was ready for today.  It was a pretty good sermon.  As I always am, I was relieved when it was neatly printed and placed in the center of my desk.  (I’m fastidious like that.)  But I’m not preaching that sermon.  Late in the week I deep-sixed it in the recycle bin.  I’m preaching something different.

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April Fools

This holiday is unlike any other.  Over the years, people faithful to this day have observed it in myriad unforgettable ways.[i]

I suppose its unavoidable that the day would become commercialized, but at least in this case companies that hope to capitalize on it have been creative.  For instance, in 1998 Burger King used the holiday as the opportunity to advertise the “Left-Handed Whopper,” a brilliant culinary move from the standpoint of this left-hander, who has suffered under the discomfort of eating right-handed foods my entire life.

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