The Ever-returning God

Fr. Mychal Judge

To this day, I can’t take my eyes off that photograph.  When I see it, I find myself mesmerized.  It shows the limp and lifeless body of a priest being carried over a mound of dust and rubble by five other men: a police officer, two firemen, an office worker, and an emergency responder.  The gritty looks on their faces match the grit that billows all around them.

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The Answer

?????????????????????????????I’ve always asked a lot of questions.  In school, I was that kid whose hand shot up in class every time the teacher paused to breathe.  Even when the teacher would offer an answer, I responded with yet another question.  “But what about…” or “If that’s true, then…” were phrases always on the tip of my tongue.  So many things were opaque to me.  Granted, that may have had to do with an inherent dimwittedness, but it also seemed that the number of questions to be asked was infinite, and I considered that a challenge I would try to meet.

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