Hanging Between Heaven and Earth

He was left there hanging between heaven and earth.  What a line in the Old Testament reading today!  Holy Scripture can turn one heck of a phrase and tell one heck of a story.  As both Canon Razim and Canon Callaham pointed out in their very good sermons last week, this summer the lectionary is taking us through the long and conflicted reign of Israel’s King David.  David is one of Scripture’s most complex characters.  Of David, the poet Robert Pinsky says, “He is wily like Odysseus and an impetuous daredevil like the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Like Hamlet, he pretends to be crazy.  Like Joan of Arc, he comes from nowhere, ardent and innocent, to infuriate the conventional elders…Like Robin Hood, he gathers a band of outcasts and outlaws.  Like Lear, he is overthrown and betrayed by his offspring.”[i]

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